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How to Strengthen Your Penis

Kegel Exercises are exercises that strengthen your PC muscles. These are the muscles that are used to stop the flow of urine when peeing, and are located in your sexual underbelly, between your testicles and anus. However, they also control the flow of semen and

by strengthening your PC muscles, you also "Strengthen Your Penis".

Although your penis itself is not a muscle and not getting stronger itself, by strengthening and maintaining strength of your PC muscles though exercises you can increase your sexual strength and stamina, as well as get harder erections.

Kegel exercises are most commonly talked about with how women can tighten their vaginas, but men can do them too. The basic move is to clench, hold, and release your PC muscles. 5-10 times per set, 3 sets. You can do this anytime. While your driving, at work, at home. While this exercise will work for men like it works for women, the resistance level is minimal, and like any other muscle, an increase in the weights and resistance allows for bigger muscles to grow. That’s where the Triple Extreme Male Strengthener comes in.

Triple Extreme Weight Sets have been designed to AMPLIFY basic Male Kegel Exercises to AMPLIFY the strength in your PC Muscles.

Each set comes with a weight harness, and three removable weights. To use, The steps are as follows:

  1. Set the fleece weight harness to the appropriate girth and attach the desired amount of weights. 0-3 weights are possible, and keep in mind there is no shame in starting out with ZERO weights. Its probably the best place to start.
  2. Massage yourself to full erection
  3. Slide your Triple Extreme Weight Harness onto the end of your penis
  4. Clench your PC muscles to raise your penis and weight harness, hold for 2 seconds and release. This is one repetition.
  5. Complete 5-10 reps, or until you lose your erection. That is one set.
  6. Complete 3 sets, massaging yourself to full erection before each set

As you continue with your male kegel exercises, you can adjust the weights and program as needed. Find the routine that you feel works best for you.

WARNING: Do not strain yourself. 3 sets are enough to strengthen your PC muscles, and the weights available with Triple Extreme Male Strengthener are heavy. As stated, there is no shame beginning with zero or 1 weights, and gradually moving up when ready.

Triple Extreme Male Kegel Weight Sets

Hi...My name is J Adams. I startedTXMS LLC because like every other guy I was interested in learning how to increase sexual stamina, learn how to get a bigger penis, harder erections and overall be better in bed. After research and development, and not wanting to put up with any more "snake oil" type supplements I came up with the Triple Extreme Weight Sets that will help increase the strength in your penis, and be a big step on the way towards becoming a superstar in bed.

Triple Extreme Male Strengtheners have been designed as a true and legitimate way to exercise your PC muscles by maximizing male kegel exercises. This will in effect strengthen your penis.

Currently we offer three patterns, Blackhawk, Commando, and Hunter. All harness come with three Extreme Weights that you can add and take away as needed.

We offer a one of a kind item that is getting great feedback. Pick and pattern and try one for yourself. If you are not happy, all of our items are 100% refundable, and all Triple Extreme Male Strengtheners are also available Amazon.com Triple Extreme page.

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